About Me

My name is Jane Grant, I’m 25 years old and passionate about fashion. I’m living in the UK, but my studies of economics and business allow me to travel. I thus decided to start this fashion blog to share what I found around the world! I’m very curious and I love to discover new things, and I’m sure you do too (that’s why you’re here!). The world has so much to offer. Why not share?

Your role doesn't stop here: why not share your feedback with me? Or why not give advice to others readers if they post a comment? You are the wealth of this blog, I count on you! :)

You’ll ask me: why India?

Well because, I had the opportunity to visit all the continents and a lot of countries, but my favorite was India.

If you’ve the chance to go to India, you’ll understand, I promise!

This country puts color in your eyes and in your heart, it’s so much filled of colors. The Indian fashion is very interesting and rewarding.

I like to discover and share my discoveries, that’s why I loved the idea of a blog. I would like to to thank Mr Smith for his support and encouragement in the creation of this page, which without him would not have existed.

Lot of love,


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